Lip Blush Course

“One day you’ll kiss someone
and know those are the lips you
want to kiss for the rest of your life.”

What To Expect From The Course:

Learn all the key fundamentals skills of how to create a beautiful lip tattoo.
This training manual covers everything from client care to step-by-step
instructions on how to tattoo the perfect lips. Delve into vast details in various
topics such as: addressing different lip shapes, technical skills involved to
achieve excellent color penetration and much, much more!

What’s Included With The Course?

  • Lip blush, pixel blush , 3d lip and natural lip, dark lip neutralization
  • Cleft Lip Correction
  • Skin Anatomy
  • Health and Safety
  • Preventing Migration and Correction Work
  • Marketing and Business Set Up

All lessons and course material will become available upon purchase.


  1. Day One: Lip Blush Training

    1. Homework

    2. Course Videos

    3. Student Feedback

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