Mesotherapy & Micro Needling

Mesotherapy & Micro Needling

Mesotherapy & Micro Needling

“A result-driven treatment
which aims to lift, firm and
tighten the skin while treating
scar tissue!”

What To Expect From The Course:

The beauty industry has seen a dramatic increase in the need for clinical skincare procedures in recent years, with clients looking for results driven treatments such as Microneedling! As a natural alternative to procedures such as Botox, Microneedling can help lift, firm, and tighten the skin along with effectively treating scar tissue caused by acne, stretch marks or mild trauma to the skin. This intensive 2 day course is designed to equip you with the knowledge needed to begin offering one of the hottest trends on the market including skin anatomy and physiology, skin healing stages, contraindications, benefits and treatable skin conditions, product and serum recommendations, homecare and aftercare. Upon completion you will receive fully recognised accreditation which will allow you to find an insurer and begin work as professional Microneedling Practitioner. Ongoing support is offered during this time through our online support group to ensure a smooth transition from student to professional.


What’s Included With The Course?

  • Fully Accredited Certification
  • Complete Bespoke Kit
  • Access to Our Online Support Group
  • Expert Advice and Guidance
  • iscounts on The Little Wren
  • Products
  • Business Set Up Advice
  • Theory and Practical Based Learning
  • Portfolio Building Opportunities

All lessons and course material will become available upon purchase.


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