Mesotherapy & Micro Needling

Theory Based Learning

With advanced skin treatments it is vital that you understand the skin and how to correctly treat specific skin concerns. This engaging workshop will teach you everything you need to become a fully qualified Micro Needler including Anatomy of the Skin, equipment configuration, contraindications and so much more!

Topics covering:

  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • Set Up
  • Waste Disposal
  • About Micro Needling
  • Needle Knowledge
  • Machines
  • Fitzpatrick Scale
  • Techniques
  • Stretch and Angle
  • Speed
  • Contraindications
  • Avoiding Common Mistakes and Problems
  • Health and Safety
  • Workstation
  • Trolley Set Up
  • About the Therapist
  • Consultation
  • Pre/Post Aftercare
  • Skin Analysis
  • Skin Tones
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